Environmental Compliance & Permitting

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Obtaining and ensuring compliance with environmental permits and approvals for projects and documenting compliance has become increasingly challenging in today’s regulatory environment. Our environmental compliance services ensure that you meet project deadlines while adhering to the regulatory requirements associated with your project. We provide construction-based environmental inspection services to help you avoid violations of environmental permits, agreements, and regulations. We do this through proactive collaboration with our clients and contractors to provide inspection, auditing, worker education, and detailed reporting. In addition, we provide specialty consulting services for NEPA documents, Clean Water Act (CWA) permitting, and bulk petroleum storage.

Regulatory Compliance Strategies

Environmental Due Diligence

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

NPDES Compliance Monitoring

Storage Tank Management

Compliance Audits

Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

Groundwater Monitoring

Environmental Documents (EIS, EA, CE)

Ambient Air Monitoring

Spill Prevention Containment

Hazardous Materials and Waste Management

RCRA, CERCLA, CAA, CWA, LUST Compliance Program

Environmental Management and Monitoring Plans