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Specialty Consulting, Inc. provides a full range of environmental due diligence services for our clients, which includes local and state government agencies, land developers, and lending institutions. Our scientists and engineers have performed environmental due diligence assessments at a variety of sites ranging from undeveloped properties to complex industrial facilities. Our valuable advantage to our clients combining the strengths of our in-house engineering and design capabilities with our construction and remediation expertise. We work closely with site management personnel, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and regulators to efficiently and effectively implement necessary environmental management measures allowing timely and informed financial decision-making associated with the scope and cost of managing site residuals, impacted media, and environmental consequences due to construction.

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Environmental Assessment & Remediation

Specialty Consulting, Inc. provides a full range of environmental assessment and remediation consulting services that allow you to reclaim...

Environmental Compliance & Permitting

Whether acquiring, managing, or selling properties, a thorough environmental compliance evaluation is an essential element for effective risk management...