Building Envelope Inspection & Repair

Specialty Consulting, Inc. has a team of experienced professionals that are skilled in this highly specialized service.  We work closely with building enclosure design consultants to implement effective and durable solutions for remediating building envelope problems. We perform the building envelope repairs based upon the design plan and specifications developed by the building envelope design consultant. With every project, we evaluate the scope of work, provide a detailed cost estimate, prioritize the construction schedule, communicate the construction progress and timeline throughout the project, and ensure quality workmanship.

Building envelope issues can quickly lead to costly property damage, safety issues, and tenant dissatisfaction. Owners, engineers, and contracting partners can minimize these problems by partnering with STRUCTURAL for their building envelope repair needs. We specialize in integrating technology-driven building envelope repair solutions through our repair and maintenance services. STRUCTURAL’s knowledge and expertise ensures that the maintenance, repair, and protection of our clients’ building assets are properly addressed and long lasting.

Walker’s ability to provide problem-solving and building science services for structures makes us qualified for new construction.  Through our restoration experience, we have encountered and mitigated almost every possible design error or construction mistake.  We understand how the different systems of a structure, including roofing, façade, below-grade waterproofing, and structural systems interact with one another.  We know the errors to avoid and how to provide a long-lasting design.

  • Planning Investigation and Rehabilitation Programs
  • Critical and Annual Inspections
  • Emergency and
  • Condition Survey and Assessment
  • Repair Options, Priorities and Cost Estimates
  • Reports and Recommendations
  • Development of Rehabilitation Programs
  • Construction Documents and Specificat