Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies


Masonry and Roof Repairs


Northeastern Illinois University

Project Overview

Specialty Consulting, Inc performed close-up 100 percent façade inspections from the swing stage to observe and document conditions of distress. Also, inspection openings were made to evaluate condition of shelf angles, anchorage, and embedded reinforcement. The critical examinations were performed, and reports were prepared accordance with the City Façade Ordinance requirements.

The repair program included removal and replacement of all severely corroded steel lintels and shelf angles, repairs at the concrete Spandrel beam, replacement of spalled brick masonry, removal of loose concrete, patching using high-strength polymer concrete and crack repairs. The scope of our services included field investigations, preparation repair details and drawings, and construction phase services.

Services Provided

  • Close-up Inspections from hydraulic stage
  • Preparation of Reports
  • Recommendations and Repair documents
  • Cost Estimating and budgeting
  • Construction observations and monitoring

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