Chicago Department of Water Management Jardine Water Filtration Plant


Structural Design



Project Overview

Specialty Consulting, Inc. performed a limited asbestos survey, limited lead-based paint survey, and produced environmental (abatement/mitigation scope & procedures) specifications. SPC inspected Lead-Based Paint (LBP) on pipes at lower levels, surfaces/components in and around Training Room area, and lead containing ceramic tiles on walls in the storage room.  SPC also inspected Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) at lower levels, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, pipe/duct insulation, and drywalls/plaster in and around the Training Room areas. SPC quantified ACM and LBP areas for abatement, developed a survey report and preliminary Opinion of Probable Construction Costs (OPCC). SPC worked with the design team members and developed remediation design drawings and specifications for hazardous materials identified through testing.

Services Provided

  • Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Limited Asbestos Survey
  • Limited Lead-Based Paint Survey
  • Environmental Specification Preparation

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