Illinois Institute of Technology Gunsaulus Hall Apartments


Structural Design



Project Overview

The building’s framing system is composed of reinforced columns and deep perimeter spandrel beams, with a 5-inches thick reinforced concrete floor slab. The building is clad in face brick supported by steel shelf angles anchored to the concrete spandrel beams at each floor. SPC performed close-up 100 percent facade inspections from the swing stage to observe and document conditions of distress.  Also, inspection openings were made to evaluate condition of shelf angles, anchorage, and embedded reinforcement. The critical examinations and reports were prepared in accordance with the City of Chicago Facade Ordinance requirements and included a repair program and construction cost estimates.

Services Provided

  • Close-up Inspections from Swing-Stage 
  • Preparation of Reports 
  • Recommendations & Repair Documents 
  • Cost estimating and Budgeting 
  • Construction observations and monitoring

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