Nicor Gas Main Installation Construction Safety Audits


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Project Overview

SPC is providing safety compliance audit services by providing Safety Auditors at various job sites throughout northern Illinois. The Safety Auditing program extends to all field activities, including personal safety behavior, slip, trip, and fall awareness, ergonomic tasks, work area protection, personal protective equipment (PPE), red zone safety, electrical safety, material handling safety, tool safety, excavation safety, vehicle safety, an equipment safety. The Safety Auditor is focused on achieving full and timely implementation of safety and quality policies and procedures.  Success is linked to motivating and coaching leadership and the workforce towards a safety and quality culture of personal responsibility, acting as a change agent for achieving and sustaining such a mindset.

Services Provided

  • Construction Safety
  • Gas Main Installation
  • Pressure Testing
  • General Excavation
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Construction Safety
  • Construction Safety

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