Roofing Evaluation and Design System

A building’s roof system is one of its most susceptible components with respect to quality of installation, maintenance, and weather, with failure due to any of these variables resulting in costly repairs — that’s why we provide a full-range of roofing services to assist building owners, property managers, consultants and insurance companies design, construct, evaluate and maintain theirs.


Wharry Engineering has experience working with high-profile, national clients as well as independent, local businesses. From exterior renovations and architectural consultation to complete building design and structural analysis, our team has contributed to the success of several important projects, such as the renovation of handicap facilities and the architectural design of several major attractions. Our ability to draft building designs that meet – or exceed – building codes, combined with our knowledge of structural engineering and construction project management positions us as a one-stop provider of architectural and building design services.


  • Development of Phase Repair Program
  • Economic life-cycle Analysis
  • Bidding Documents
  • General Conditions
  • Technical Specifications
  • Roof Plans and Details
  • Contract Administration
  • Condition assessment
  • Restoration design
  • Roof deck analysis